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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion


Are diversity & inclusion already part of your strategy and organizational culture?

Do your managers know how to deal with diversity?


Companies with diverse personnel structures contribute to innovative and creative solutions that reach both new customers and new employees.

our range

  • Intercultural opening for employees and customers

  • Development of an open and appreciative management culture

  • Advice on all dimensions of diversity management (age, gender, gender identity and sexual orientation, disability, ethnic origin, worldview and religion)

  • LGBT * projects

  • Work-life balance


Equality between women and men

Despite formal recognition and numerous advances, effective equality or equality of the sexes in Germany has not yet become a reality in all areas of life. Systemic inequality continues to exist at all levels, for example in wages and salaries or in management positions in which women are underrepresented. In order to achieve the goal of equality between women and men, this right must not only be recognized, but also apply effectively in all areas of life, including in all political areas, in the economy, society and culture.

our range

  • Implementation of gender mainstreaming

  • Promotion of women

  • Implementation of gender budgeting

  • Perceiving, living and shaping diversity

  • Balancing family and work


Change processes

(Change of strategy and process optimization)

Do you need support in changing your strategy?

Do you want to establish a diversity & inclusion culture and integrate it into your corporate strategy?

Change processes often lead to uncertainty among employees and managers. It is therefore important that they know and understand the advantages and goals of greater diversity orientation for their own work situation, the cooperation within the workforce and the company as a whole.

our range

  • Conception and implementation of a new strategy

  • Improvement of existing structures

  • Optimization of processes and procedures

  • Control of the projects

  • Communication with the workforce &

  • Involve employees

Interkulturelles Personalmanagment

Intercultural personnel management  

( Recruitment and retention)

Do you want to be one step ahead of the future?

Is it your goal to attract new employees and to retain them in the long term?


Since tens of thousands of vacancies in the medical and MINT fields (mathematics, IT, natural sciences + technology) cannot be filled due to the lack of young talent and Germany is already dependent on skilled workers from abroad, intercultural personnel management plays a more important role than ever before.

Innovative and intercultural personnel development measures help to attract and retain qualified employees with a migration background.

The inclusion and appreciation of the diverse potential of employees should be in the foreground nowadays.

our range

  • Development of an appreciation and welcoming culture

  • Optimization of pre- and onboarding processes

  • Development of culturally sensitive induction concepts

  • Development of further and advanced training offers

Employer Branding

Employer branding

(Strengthening the employer brand)

How is your company perceived on the job market?

Are you recruiting and retaining a challenge?

Do you want to build an attractive, strong and authentic employer brand?


In times of a shortage of skilled workers, companies that are building a strong employer brand have greater chances of attracting the right employees and retaining their existing workforce. The foreign specialists also want to find out what it feels like to work for you and what advantages it has for them that they apply to you and not to a competitor.

our range

  • Analysis and identification of the strengths of your organization / company

  • Define your individual employer brand

  • Development of the core message for applicants

  • Support your marketing and human resources department

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