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Dr. Jagoda Rošul-Gajić

is the founder of FOBEN and works as a consultant, scientist and lecturer with a focus on diversity management in organizations, personnel development, organizational development and management of change processes.


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Dr. Jagoda Rošul-Gajić

Consultant, scientist & lecturer

Dr. Jagoda Rošul-Gajić is the founder of FOBEN and works as a consultant, scientist and lecturer with a focus on diversity management in organizations, personnel development, organizational development and management of change processes. She studied political science and law at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich.

From July 2016 to December 2019 she headed the diversity department at MÜNCHENSTIFT GmbH. Here she was responsible for the following projects, among others: intercultural opening; Opening of care for LGBTI *, conception of an extensive training program; Establishment of an ethics committee as well as intercultural personnel and organizational development. From August 2014 to July 2015 she was a lecturer and visiting researcher at Columbia University, USA. Before that, she worked as an education officer and project manager at the Frauenakademie München eV. In the 1990s she led several women's projects in Croatia. Since 2015 she has also been a lecturer at various German universities and technical colleges.


Reference projects (selection)

Conception, implementation and evaluation: Study on the implementation and effect of the European Charter for Equality between Women and Men at the local level, FAM-Frauenakademie München eV: Client: BAG - Federal Association of Municipal Women’s Offices (since 12/2020).

Conception, implementation and evaluation: Study for the evaluation of the recognition procedure for nursing qualifications in Bavaria, MODUS Wirtschafts- und Sozialforschung GmbH. Client: Bavarian Ministry of Health and Care (since 04/2020).

Project management: Intercultural opening of long-term care in Munich, MÜNCHENSTIFT GmbH, client: City of Munich (2016-2019).

Project management opening of care for LGBT *, MÜNCHENSTIFT GmbH, client: City of Munich (2016-2019).

Project management: "Diversity as a Profile", MÜNCHENSTIFT GmbH. Client: ESF federal program "rückenwind" (2016-2018).

Visiting Scholar: Gender and International Law in Practice, Columbia University, Institute for the Study of Human Rights (2014-2015).

Project manager: Better universities through gender equality governance? Inventory and further development of equality control instruments at universities (EQUISTU), Frauenakademie München eV (2011-2013).

Conception, implementation and evaluation: Seminars for foreign delegations on the German education system and the European Social Fund (ESF), client: ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Lisbon / Portugal, (2012-2014).

Publications (selection)

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